The New Normal In The Wedding Industry

Upon hearing the word “Wedding” you imagine something fascinating, grand, and joyful, and it’s absolutely how weddings are supposed to be. It is the day that demands to be remembered, to be decorated in such a way that its spark never fades off and nothing should be compromised for this day. Following your traditions or giving it a new theme of perfection, you dream to plan a wedding that is worth memorizing. You make sure to create such an ambiance that welcomes your loved ones. You plan to make that day joyful with the hugs and blessings of your friends and family. But Life hasn’t been the same since COVID-19. Right now, if you’re planning for your wedding, it’s so much more than creating memories. Keeping the situation in view, your area of concern has expanded. The prime objective is the safety measures so that your dear ones stay safe and secure at your wedding.

In this new normal, we are bound to adopt the new norms to settle. Though, it made you feel restricted. But with the right guidance, your wedding will be the talk of the year! 

 With this shift from normal, the event locale decreased along with the number of guests. Big events were scaled down to small intimate events. And this raised complexities in hosting your dream event amidst this pandemic. Is not just another day, your wedding is incomplete without your dear ones.

Evolving With The Move

 Due to COVID-19, big events were scaled down to smaller ones. Following the social distancing rules, intimate and outdoor events were prioritized. This means now you have to prioritize your dear ones whose blessings matter and have a perfect eve among people which fill up the room with amusement. 

Keeping its excellence for a decade, Miradore is known for providing a gratifying ambiance, to host your perfect events. Miradore was able to bring out the best, even with a small setup. The indoor events were set at the prime locations of the city. Our indoor events have an ambiance of love and an aura of intimacy. Memories can never be compromised, and we made sure to give our clients a wholesome experience even amidst a pandemic. And upon this situation, where most of you are confused about where to start planning your big day? Miradore skillfully created a beautiful way to enjoy your big day with your dear ones. The intimate events designed by Miradore, not only had the most eye-catching décor but also had a story reflecting through it. Miradore’s events are an embodiment of memories, emotions, and love.

Adapting The New Normal

The new normal surely demands new strategies to adapt. The social distancing and lockdowns have made it hectic for everyone to live normally. To live in this pandemic, you have to move on with the shift. The new normal restricted many domains but creativity can never be restricted. You can still host an amazing event without any disturbance! The new normal changed the outlook on many old trends. The trends in this pandemic have shifted towards a new sense of aesthetic. Here’s how you can host your dream event amazingly despite all the circumstances.

Intimate and Outdoor

The pandemic along with the restriction highlighted the fact that the more intimate the better. The prayers and blessings are while matter the most! And thus, outdoor and intimate events were the most preferred by our clients. Such events are also termed as ‘micro weddings ‘or intimate weddings consisting of less than 50 guests. 

Indoor events went down and outdoor events were focused. The outdoor events created an ambiance of peace and joy with the people who mattered. The fresh air and the perfectly designed setup made the event top-notch! Leaving all the guests in awe and the host to always remember their perfect day! The perfect blend of Intimacy and close to nature was a show stopper this year!

Embracing The Technology   

Let the technology revolutionize your event. Yes! People have been video calling their loved ones while they say their vows! This pandemic made us far from our loved ones, and for your wedding day, you can never miss your people. Far away and yet so close, thank God we have this technology. The new tech has taken away half of our worries and gave a new perspective to celebrate without thinking twice. The new technology had amplified the guest experience. Now you can make your loved ones feel valued on your big day!

Creative Seating Ideas

So, what if you are 6 feet apart, your hearts are so much closer. Yes! A pandemic will make your wedding look completely different. The idea of distancing sounds very negative but no worries when you take it as an opportunity to explore your creative side. Organize your seating in an artistic way that gives off a new look to your wedding venue. There are so many ideas to look for when arranging your tables.

you can either make it a pattern, put small tables, or arrange it separately under sparkling lights or floral hangings

Hybrid Weddings

It’s your big day! It should be exactly how you dreamed it to be. With the loving hugs of your loved ones, under the blessings of your family, and with the laughter of your friends. Keeping the situation insight, you still want to make sure you don’t miss anyone. Introducing ‘Hybrid Event’, now you can perfectly host a hybrid wedding. 

What is a hybrid wedding? It’s where distances fall short! In a hybrid wedding, you host a small number of people and the rest of them can participate visually through live streaming. This would be according to the COVID protocols and you get to host the event you fantasize.

In A Nutshell

“Love recognizes no barriers, it jumps hurdles, leap fences, and penetrates walls to arrive at its destination, full of hope. “

Maya Angelou

Let love and happiness shower all over again as you make the best memories with the love of your soulmate and among the people who light up the room with fun. No matter what comes in the way, there is always a plan B. All these adaptations had made marriages a new experience for the bride and groom along with their loved ones.

Moreover, due to COVID restrictions, it’s quite a hassle to run from place to place looking for venues, selecting your wedding décor, and making sure that not even a single hurdle comes in the way of setting up a perfect event. Online bookings are preferred in these situations, allowing you to plan your wedding with ease. Miradore progressed with the move and introduced online consultation with the experts. Making this new normal better for tomorrow!

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